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Dental Implants Abroad

How much does Dental Implant cost in India?

The price of Dental Implant treatment in India is usually decided comprehensively and ranges between $350 to $900 per tooth implant. This is a big reason why patients often come to India to get a comprehensive Dental Treatment, mostly covering single or multiple Tooth Replacement by  Dental Implants.

While choosing a Dental Implant treatment abroad, the main concern for anyone is " Cost of Dental Implant Treatment". You can find below the cost of various components in the Dental implant process.

The costs depicted below include the best quality products available in the market.

Patients in countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Germany etc are finding it very difficult to afford high end dental treatments such as Dental Implants primarily because of the staggering prices for such treatment. Also the premium for Dental Insurance with extensive dental coverage is very high. At government established support such as NHS the wait is too high. All this has opened up the gated for Dental Tourism to countries such as India, Thailand, Costa Rica,etc

A very recent study by 'Adroit' over the reach and potential of Dental Tourism industry industry revealed that the market would probably grow with a CAGR of 12% every year.

Patients travelling abroad for their Dental Implant treatment can potentially save more than 50% of what they would be spending over the same treatment in their native countries. Also there has been a substantial improvement in the Quality of Treatment in these countries over the last decade.

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Cost of Dental Implant Treatment

Cost of single Dental Implant (including Fixtures such as Abutments)

$320 - $450 (as per Dental Implant system chosen)

Cost of Dental Crown ( Metal Ceramic)


Cost of Dental Crown ( All Ceramic - CAD CAM )


Cost of Bone Graft per tooth ( if Required)

$100 - $150

Cost of Sinus lift (if Required)

$100 - $150

Why choose Thaper Dental Clinic for Dental Implant treatment ?

  • 60 Years’ Experience: Our practice is over 60 Years old. Our Implant practice is over 26 years old (one of the first few clinics to start Implants in North India). We have performed several thousand Dental Implants with great patient satisfaction. While several of our patients belong to developed countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, USA, United Kingdom, etc

  • Facilities and Technology: Since we are pioneers in this field, we know what is important and have invested in the best infrastructure and equipment such as digital OPG scan, CEREC CAD CAM, in-house specialized Dental Lab, and operation theaters. Our multiple Dental Implant systems include the internationally acclaimed Nobel Biocare system ( Nobel Active only ) from Sweden, Blue Sky from Bredent Gmbh (Germany) systems, Straumann Implants from Switzerland.

  • Surgical Guides : We were the first ones in north India to use 3D surgical guide system (R&D by Bredent, Germany), using the CBCT scan of patients. The surgical guide helps in placing Dental Implants with high accuracy & least trauma to the patient. This helps in extending the longevity of the Dental Implants.

  • 65% Cost Saving : The average cost for Dental Implants in developed countries like USA comes to $2200 per Dental Implant. While at Thaper Dental Clinic in India, the same will cost you less than $500 per Dental Implant. This is because of the low living costs in India. There is no compromise in the quality of work done at Thaper Dental Clinic.  We try to match the international standards in all our treatments, and all the material used is from Reputed companies with good R&D. All surgeries are done in a sterilized Operation Theater.

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