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Dental Treatment in INDIA

Affordable prices. Beautiful locations

Cost of Dental Treatment in INDIA

Many patients living in USA, UK,and many other countries where the cost of dental treatment is fairly high, visit Thaper Dental Clinic in Jaipur for getting best quality dental treatment in very affordable prices.

At Thaper Dental Clinic we promise the best medical practices in a Sterilised & Hygienic environment. Our Team ensures that the best Dental Specialist will treat you for each and every dental problem you need to resolve.

A Long standing reputation of 60 years of good service is one major factor that new patients trust the quality of dental treatment provided at Thaper Dental Clinic.

We are known for using the best and latest Dental products in the market for the benefit of the patient. At Thaper Dental Clinic one can find the latest dental equipment such as Dental LASERS, Dental intraoral scanner, 3D Printer, world class dental chairs.

We specialise in certain types of Dental procedures such as 3D guided Dental Implants, one visit crowns using digital CAD CAM technology. One visit Veneers using Digital SMILE Design, one visit root canal treatment, etc.

You will find that there is a huge difference in average cost of dental treatment in countries like USA & the average cost of the same dental treatment in INDIA. (for e.g the average cost of tooth implant in india is around $450 which is substantially lesser than the average cost of tooth implant in U.S.A or U.K)  

The overall cost of the treatment will remain the within 10% of variation depending on the currency Forex rate at the given time, as well as complexity of the treatment.


Dental Tourism Assistance

For Patients who need a little bit more assistance to manage their stay in Jaipur during the treatment, We at Thaper Dental Clinic also provide assistance services, which is over and above your dental treatment package.

You can fill up the form below to let us understand your preferences. 

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