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Invisible Aligners in INDIA

SMILE with a free mind

Invisible Aligners are the demand of new generation

In Recent times, modern orthodontics has completely changed the demand for regular orthodontic braces. New techniques such as Lingual Braces & Invisible Aligners are the most demanded orthodontic treatments, because of their non visible characteristics .The emergence of Invisible Aligners has restructured the way people used to think about orthodontic treatment. Because of their Invisible nature, even the working adults become a good candidate for them.

What are Invisible Aligners?

Invisible Clear Aligners are wafer thin transparent, high quality removable food grade plastic sheets (customized to your jaw), which gently guide your teeth from their present to the desired position. They are easy to wear, comfortable and above all Invisible to public.

Why choose Invisible Aligners?

Invisible Aligners give you mental freedom to face the crowd, while correcting your SMILE to have a confident future. Because of this they have become the top choice of teens and adults for their orthodontic SMILE CORRECTION.

What is special about INVISIBLE ALIGNERS at Thaper Dental?

At Thaper Dental Clinic, we provide custom made invisible aligners manufactured by various reputed companies such as Invisalign, ClearPath, K-Line,etc. Also our in house Orthodontist " Dr Siloni Thaper " designs the movement of teeth with aligners with a special software developed by "3shape (Denmark)". This gives the dentist full control to the dentist to plan the whole treatment and change the course in between according to the patient. At Thaper Dental Clinic we maintain very strict protocols at work to match our brand reputation.

Cost of Invisible Aligner treatment in INDIA?

Invisible aligners are a bit more costly then regular orthodontics because of high material costs as well as high costs of training. At Thaper Dental Clinic the cost starts from INR 65,000 and can go up to INR 2,25,000. This Depends upon the complexity of the treatment as well as the number of aligners to be given to the patient. While our cost is less than what most Dental Clinic Charge, Our Quality is Top notch. We use Swiss made sheets & 3D printers for the production.

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