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Do not wear Face Masks with Exhaust valve during COVID -19

COVID-19 pandemic has bought about a huge change in our lives. While everyone is now more aware about their sanitation habits, almost everyone now understands how different face masks provide protection to you. But there is one very important information which is been frequently overlooked by us. It’s regarding the ‘Exhale Valves’.

If you are considering to buy a face mask with an Exhale Valve embedded into it, you must know that these valves compromise the effectiveness of the mask—and this is true whether your mask is an authentic N95 or cloth mask.

These valves allow your exhaled breath to come out without being filtered. While When you breathe in, the air is being filtered by the mask.

Masks with exhaust valve during COVID-19 crisis only make sense if you’re working in a solitary environment or exercising alone in the open air. In these cases, the mask’s job is to protect you from external pollutants, while still providing you with easy exhale. The exhale valve makes it more comfortable to wear so you can get through your day without feeling too stifled. But, because of the nature of COVID-19, it jeopardizes the safety of people around you, just in case you have been infected and haven’t been diagnosed yet.

Many states in the US have already started to ban the usage of Masks with exhale valve in the public, due to the COVID-19 risks involved with these masks.

It also becomes important for you to observe if anyone around you, is wearing these masks with exhale valve. Try to educate these people, while maintaining proper distance from them as you would with an unmasked person (as your risk is equivalent in both scenarios). And if they do not listen to your advice, it’s in your best interest to maintain distance from these people.

We at Thaper Dental Clinic, Jaipur are constantly trying to upgrade the infection control protocols in our clinics, as and when more scientific information comes out. Currently we are also spreading awareness about certain topics which have been ignored while managing infection controls by individuals. Keep reading our blogs to know more of such facts.

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