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Teeth Whitening

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Your SMILE is the first thing that is noticed in your personality. Many people of all age groups suffer from discolored teeth. This can be natural as well as induced by the food habits & oral hygiene. Some known causes of discoloration of Teeth are:

a. Genetics - your genes determine your natural tooth color

b. Injury to any tooth, can cause discoloration over the period of time

c. illness

d. Chewing tobacco, or Smoking.

e. Tea & Coffee - drinking a lot of Tea or Coffee can discolor your teeth.

f. Overdose of fluoride- High fluoride intake in developing years can permanently discolor the teeth.

 Over the years, teeth whitening procedures have become safe as well as more in demand. We at Thaper Dental Clinic have been providing safe as well as effective teeth whitening solutions to our patients since many years. 

Every teeth whitening procedure must proceed with a proper dental scaling procedure to clean the deposits on the teeth surface. This makes the teeth whitening procedure more effective as well as long lasting.

There are three primary types of teeth whitening procedures that we provide.

1.  Home Bleaching - We provide you with a custom-made impression tray that fits precisely into your jaws. You can go back home and apply the bleaching agent of these custom-made bleaching trays and sleep with them ON.

This is effective and safe procedure and saves you visit to the dentist's office.

2.  In-Office Bleaching - This option is for patients who need instant results. We make custom bleaching trays for you and afterwards the bleaching is done by the dentist while you are in the dental office. The bleaching is of higher concentration and hence requires professional care, elso it could cause burns and ulcers in the mouth.

3.  LASER Bleaching - This is the latest technique used for bleaching, provides effective & fast results.

LASER Whitening Teeth

LASER Bleaching

At Thaper Dental Clinic, we use the latest Diode LASER for Teeth Whitening. This is the quickest and safe method of bleaching one's teeth. 

The LASER quickens the process of teeth bleaching by acting as a catalyst and helping the bleaching gel to bring in the desired color changes at a faster rate.

This also reduces the chair time of the patient.

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