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Cosmetic Dentist in Jaipur

Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental treatment that improves the appearance (though not necessarily the function) of an individual's teeth, gums and/or bite. It primarily focuses on improvement/enhancement of dental aesthetics in shape, color, position, size, alignment & overall appearance of the smile.

If you are looking for a such a solution, then you are at the perfect place. At Thaper Dental Clinic in jaipur, we have Cosmetic Dentists who are experienced & specialized in providing 'aesthetic solutions' for your SMILE.

We are also equipped with a Digital scanning & Designing softwares ( CEREC by SIRONA, Germany) to provide the most modern and accurate Dental Solutions, even in a single visit.


At Thaper Dental Clinic, our cosmetic dentist have acquired training from Germany for cosmetic dental treatment using digital technology. We understand the aesthetics of a natural teeth, and are trained to reproduce natural looking SMILE, which suit your face as well as lasts longer.

Our focus stays on producing the best results, but at the same time we take care of preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as we can. Hence the life the overall treatment is higher.

Dr. Stuti Thaper

DR STUTI THAPER dentist in jaipur_edited.jpg

BDS (mysore), MDS (Prosthodontics)
Diplomate - WCOI, Implantologist, Digital Smile Design Expert

Dr Stuti Thaper is the First Woman Dentist in North India to gain experience on CEREC CAD CAM system, That uses 3D technology for Digital Smile Reconstruction.

Over 1000 Digital Smile Reconstruction patients have been treated successfully by her in a short span of 10 years.

She is known for her meticulous and patient approach towards treatment planning and Execution

Dental Composite Fillings

Aesthetic Dental Fillings are done to repair or reconstruct chipped off, or broken or discolored tooth. This is done to give them better appearance (natural looking) along with making them functionally perfect. A dental composite material is used to fill such areas, which is bio-compatible and has different shades which match to the natural shade and color of your tooth. A good dentist knows how to maintain functionality of the tooth while creating aesthetic restorations.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays & Onlays are also type of Indirect Fillings. Sometimes the chipped of or infected portion of the tooth is little large to be treated with simple composite fillings, these type of restorations are then done using Ceramic materials. The ceramic being harder in nature, gives strength to the remaining portion of natural tooth, thus affecting the life and functionality of a tooth in positive way. Also the Ceramic materials do not shrink with time, as with composite fillings, hence they give greater protection to the tooth from decay or leakage.

Teeth Whitening

In case of simple discolouration, the patient might simply need whitening of the teeth. The whitening procedure cam be done using bleaching. Bleaching is again of two types. One is a simple chemical bleach where the chemical agent is applied on the tooth for lightening the shade of the tooth. The other less time consuming process is using LASER, in this process the LASER activates chemical agent carefully applied over the tooth structure only. The Dentist should be very careful while applying the chemical as it should not come in contact with the gums, as it can burn the soft tissue and cause sores.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are ceramic or composite structures bonded to the surface of the tooth correct chips or discolouration or cracks in the tooth, to improve its overall appearance as well as provide more functional strength to the tooth.

At Thaper Dental Clinic we design the dental veneers / laminates using CAD CAM technology. This helps in designing a highly precise structure as well as the aesthetics go in complement with the existing smile line.

The veneers/ laminates designed using CEREC CAD CAM not only look better but are also long lasting. Moreover the veneers / laminates are designed by the dentists themselves, unlike traditional dental clinics, where the manufacturing is passed over to dental labs, which do not have first hand information of the facial aesthetics of the patient, hence are unable to produce desired results.

While at Thaper Dental Clinic every step from designing, manufacturing to bonding are done under the observation of dentist, hence produce better looking results.

Ceramic Veneer at Thaper Dental.jpg

Digital SMILE Makeover

Smile makeover involves comprehensive assessment of your facial aesthetics in accordance to your smile line. The Dentist at Thaper Dental Clinic, will then give you the best possible option for improving the aesthetic value of your face. Then Veneers are designed over multiple tooth to make the whole smile look streamlined. This might also involve reshaping your gum line. In certain cases the whole process might also involve placing some Dental Implants.

Which one is better Veneer or  Crown?

Patients often ask the question: will crowns be better than veneers? Well, Both are good options but veneers are not recommended for every individual depending on the quality of one's teeth, bite & other factors. Also there are different types of crowns, each of which carry different features. Our dentist will evaluate you to see if you could receive crowns or veneers and then discuss the various materials you can choose from.

Treatment options

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