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Latest Dental Technology

Thaper Dental Clinic

3D Milling

Crowns in One Visit

Using our 3D milling technology, we can now mill a crown out of a ceramic block in a single visit. This helps us to produce a beautiful and perfectly fitting crown in just one visit.

3D Scanning

Pathway to Digital Dentistry

Thaper Dental Clinic is one of the first dental clinics in INDIA to deploy an intra- oral scanner. It uses 3D scanning technology to scan the insides of one's mouth and measures each dimension with supreme accuracy. So no more fussy impressions, plus very accurate results.

Dental LASER

Safe & Painless Dentistry

LASER is helping dentists all over the world to treat many dental problems painlessly, such as 'FRENECTOMY', treatment of 'Aphthous ulcers' , many types of Gum Surgeries, as well as Disinfection procedures.

It is a magical device for the patients.

3D Printer

A Revolutionary new technology

3D printers have taken many industries by storm. They now allow manufacturing of Exact copies of your dental arches, unlike the traditional techniques which were uncomfortable as well as not very accurate. 3D printers are 99 percent accurate, and allow the dentists to produce the best results in the patients dental treatment.

Obturation System

Making root canals more secure

We use mechanical obturation system to fill the root canal treated tooth. This helps in better filling of root canals, leading to longevity of the root canal treated tooth

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